4 Ways To Make Your Salad Tastier And Fun

One of the best ways to increase your vegetable and fruit intake is to add them to your salad. Salads are an excellent meal for summer and spring season. This is because they are full of healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they are low in calories.

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Following are a few ways by which you can make your salads nutritious, tastier and fun to eat:

1. Add Some Seeds To Your Salads

One of the best ways to make your salad healthier is by adding different seeds like flax seeds or chia seeds. Not only are these nutritious but they also add texture to the salad. These seeds also help in cleansing your body.

2. Add Fruits To Your Salads

You can add both dried and fresh fruits to your salads. Not only do they give a nice and colourful look but also make the salad more nutritious. Fruits that are commonly added to salads include pineapple, apple, kiwi, cherries, and tangerines and so on.

3. Beans, Legumes And Nuts

You can easily make a salad of beans and legumes. These types of salads are rich in proteins and vitamins. You can also add nuts to any kind of salad. Pine nuts are often added to salads for flavour.

4. Vegetables And Fruits

There is no better way to increase your vegetable and fruit intake but to add them to your salad. Vegetables that are frequently used in salads include carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and radish. If you want to make your salad unique you can also add in broccoli, asparagus and other similar blanched vegetables.

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