Advantages and disadvantages of using Keyless Lock Systems

If you seek the advice of a locksmith on the locks you may need for your car or even the home, he or she may advice you to put in place a keyless system. You will therefore need to weigh between the pros and cons of using a keyless system to help you make the right decision. The Los Angeles Locksmith Pros can help you with your lock issues. You should be able to decide whether you are ready to have the keyless system despite its shortcomings. We are going to look at the pros and cons of using a keyless system.

With a keyless system, you can move about conveniently because you do not have to keep worrying about where your keys lie or even having lost them. You do not need to carry keys around. If it is a remote keyless system, you will have it easier because you can lock and unlock from a distance as long as you have a clear path of the light. Where you have a keypad in place, you can maintain your security more by ensuring that you do not share the code and you can change the code from time to time. You can find more advice at!.

On the other hand, keyless system has a number of shortcomings. If there is no power, you will be in trouble because your system will fail if it is an electronic one. If you do not have a battery backup in place, then you can be sure to be in for real trouble. Another problem is that strangers could guess the code of the keypad making your home prone to thieves. You could also end up forgetting the code especially when there is an emergency and you panic. This means you will not have your way out. You could also lose the remote just like you could lose the key.

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