Artists Uplifts the Standard Of The Society

Courtesy-Asian Interior Design

Merely tagging, writing something on wall is vandalism but street art is totally different and these are the two ways of Graffiti. Painting a wall in a way that it beautifies not only the wall but also beautifies the surrounding is street art. There are two types of graffiti i.e. street art and vandalism. These are differentiated according to the intent of an artist to make it.As vandalism destroys the beauty of the place, street art gives the fresh and new look to that place.

Art is so powerful in the world that it can show the world its mirror image and can let the people change in the positive sense. But also, if it is used for any negative publicity to influence us then it is literally an act of vandalism. Street art should not stand for negative publicity rather it should stand for making positive change in the society to make people feel worth of themselves. Negative publicity on the other hand does totally different effect on human psychology. It can be observed that street art can impact us both the ways.

We can use public places to share our experiences in the form of graffiti. Community has started valuing andappreciating great work doneby artist in the form of graffiti art. And it has motivated artists to present their best ability to form a beautiful and valuable street art which finally helps community to upgrade their standard of understanding life.

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