Benefits Of Installing Heat Detectors

The alarm keypad supports multiple users of household members, office staff with a different password set for functionality. 

Characteristics of alarm keypad:

Normally, the alarm keypad will have power index and Emitting/lock indicator. It will self-test the energy and awake when electricity low. It will self-lock when incorrect password input for times set. It’s with tamper-resistant to prevent moving or destroying.

Install wireless alarm keypad:

Wireless alarm keypad is easy to install without wiring. Generally, it’s installed on the wall with mount and clasps. You may insert the 3.6V lithium battery to the battery box and cover it. 

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After the setup of wireless alarm keypad, the programming of home alarm systems, arm & disarm will be more convenient and effortless.

Well, PIR sensor is called as motion sensor too and it is vital for security systems. Normally, it includes ceiling mounted and wall mounted types. Here we’ll introduce the sort of wall mounted.

Firstly, there are a number of notes of installation. It’s extremely important to install PIR sensor at the correct place and in a correct way

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