Why bother to know everything

Sometimes I got mad because some people think that I know all the things in the world. Not to show off myself, but graduated as the best student in university with Cum Laude title doesn`t mean I know about all, I mean it, all the things in the world! I am not a walking encyclopedia, duh!

But people insisted to bother me even further

When I went to uncle`s house last week for family event, one of my cousin suddenly brought the conversation to his next trip to Indonesia. He asked me many thing about the country while I can`t even answer one question about it except it is a beautiful country. He ended up mad to me because I couldn`t provide information he wants. I was like ‘hey, you can Google it for sure. Why bother to ask me?’

I got pissed up easily

In the other day some of my colleague asked me about oil lubricants. As far as I know, choose the right lubricant will improve the performance of your car, make the engine run smoothly, avoid corrosion and many more. I am not really an expert but she kept asking me about that. I don`t know if she doing that to get my attention or purely wants to know about lubricant. She asked me about harga gemuk exxon mobil and harga gemuk pertamina too, oh God I don`t have any idea about that.

I am not the genius one. I just consider myself as good person. I read a lot of books, literatures, journals and many more, but it doesn`t make me know about every single thing in the world. Sometimes I just want to be average person, with average knowledge because all of these have bothered me so much. Why do I need to know about everything and why I always need to give answer for everyone`s question? Am I a judge? A prosecutor? I am just marketing manager, please.