Causes of Cervical Spine Pain

If you want to relieve cervical pain in your neck muscles, several natural treatments are available. For the most effective relief for painful, stiff neck muscles, combine self-care practices with therapies performed by professionals. Given below are few causes of the cervical pain.

Pain that Radiates Down the Arm

Neck pain that radiates down the arm to hand and fingers is the consequence of cervical herniated disc, or even foraminal stenosis, pinching a nerve from the neck. The symptoms that might develop over time are usually numbness or tingling from the arms and hands. You can click here at progressivespineandsports to know more about cervical pain.

Pain that is related to Certain Activities or Positions

Some pains which come about during or after distinct activities (routines we had been doing for many years) or obtaining the neck in certain positions could be frequently caused by cervical foraminal stenosis. The symptoms include impingement of a nerve root on one side on the spine.

Arm Pain with Lack of Coordination

Neck pain that radiates down the arm may cause difficulty in the activity and coordination of legs and arms. Sometimes occasional intermittent shooting pains could possibly be experienced, and this is commonly caused by cervical backbone stenosis with myelopathy.The progression of the illness may stop for years after which slowly starts again so the symptoms will not be easily identified. Surgery is required to decompress the spinal channel.

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