Chocolate Facial Skin Care – Anti-Aging and Calorie Released

Just in time for the celebrations – Fantasy is all around us -While you’re working baking and inspecting the several dessert temptations, take time out and save a bit of chocolate for anxiety- free skin care leisure.

The guilt-free way to experience the sinful immorality of chocolate! You can also visit here to know about nontoxic nail polish for kids and tweens facial masks.

Chocolate is produced from the cacao bean. The cocoa bean’s coarse external coating can be used in anti-aging procedures to skin to assist break down free insurgents.

Fitness and beauty – high calorie facial

The health resources of cacao are common. The raw cacao (cocoa) particles are now examined one of the extremely profitable nutritious super foods now. Cocoa is wealthy in antioxidants, vitamins A and E which improve blood circulation. Raw cocoa medicine has an antioxidant level that is far higher than green tea, goji berries, and natural blueberries. The cocoa bean is also full of magnesium, (your stress cover) which serves to excite the body to provide progesterone, a vital hormone that is ideal for grabbing hormone or stress-related breakouts.

Vacation “facial dessert” essence

This exquisite strategy combines the unlawful diversions of chocolate in a luxe skincare approach that leaves the complexion revitalized, radiant and renewed.If you are looking to buy Nail Shine for kids then always prefer organic or non-toxic nail polishes then visit

Celebrity skin care – Several celebrities are advised to indulge in chocolate facials. Indulge your addiction with this deliciously aromatic chocolate facial mask and feel like a star.

The Authentic Chocolate Facial Ingredients: Credit source -Carole Fogarty-

2 – 5 tablespoons raw cacao (cocoa powder) most good health food stores will sell the powder. Three tablespoons organic honey (darker honey is better) darker the limited water and the higher the antioxidant, vitamin and mineral content. Honey is antibacterial and antifungal which supports the healing process of cuts and wounds.

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