Easy Kid Math Activity Ideas

Math is a part of everyday life. We use math when go shopping, calculate distance when traveling, cook a yummy recipe, plant a garden, and play games.

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Kids can learn math concepts such as estimating, word problems, time and distance, measurement and basic addition and subtraction when playing games. Here are different kid math activity ideas that are easy and fun. To get more information on kid’s activities, you can also look for:

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Counting game titles include placing jelly coffee beans or chocolate corn into a sizable clear jar. Have kids go through the jar and calculate a number of candy bits they think might maintain the jar. Then as an organization, matter out the chocolate and discover who acquired the closest thing.

Play a guessing game with cash. Give each young one of every kind of gold coin. Ask questions such as; five of the coin results in a nickel. Steadily ask harder questions after the child experts each question.

Play games such as tic-tac-toe, checkers, chess, and card and dice games. These games encourage counting, finding patterns, and solving problems.

A fun dice game includes drawing a funny creature. To play the game, you need a pair of dice, plain paper, and markers. Kids will roll the dice and add the two numbers together. Whatever the answer is they will draw that corresponding creature feature on their paper.

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