Fighting the Pregnancy Blahs

Every pregnant woman has experienced the pregnancy blahs. I can remember feeling so big and unattractive throughout my two pregnancies, and secretly wishing for the pregnancy to be. It sad to sayreally, because pregnancy is such a gorgeous experience and the fact that you created this little human being that is developing in your body should make you feel wonderful through every step along the way.

Oh, but those pregnancy blahs kick in! Your belly is growing, you cannot fit into your normal clothes, you can’t find your own feet, you waddle when you walk, your legs and feet are swollen, and other additional physical changes make you feel, well, blah! You might even begin to feel bored with the pregnancy or feel depressed. Yes, those raging hormones kick in too.

Here Are a Few Tips in helping to beat those pregnancy blahs:

1) Eat healthy and get loads of rest. Choose healthy foods and make sure your intake is healthy.

2) Exercise. Even a walk in the outside will uplift your spirits.

3) Make yourself feel attractive by taking the time to groom yourself. Do your hair and wear makeup. Most of us feel so confident and alive when we look good.

4) Buy maternity outfits that will make you feel great. Don’t purchase only because they fit you.

5) Make sure to add quite accessories in your daily wardrobe such as nice earrings or a pretty scarf. The majority of us raid the cupboard of our partner for clothes that we can wear during our pregnancy. Accessories that are Beautiful dress up the wardrobe of your partner .

6) If you begin to feel bored with your pregnancy, choose an activity you will enjoy to help you through the boredom. Many woman will get ready for the baby. Other girl select a hobby like gardening, preparing a scrapbook, writing in a pregnancy journal, etc..

7) Roughly 10% of women experience mild or moderate depression during pregnancy. If you feel depression or anxiety, seek professional assistance.

8) Spend some time with your spouse. Go for a romantic dinner or out to a film. Enjoy this time because it difficult to find time after the infant is born.

9) Take the time on your own. Motherhood is just around the corner so take this opportunity.

Indeed, it moves Though it might look like 9 weeks is taking forever. Enjoy the experience of pregnancy every step of the way. When our kids have grown up, There’ll be a period in our lives and we need to live the pregnancy experience all over again.

You can beat the pregnancy blahs! Feel great about being a woman and feel good about bringing a fantastic new baby into the world. Check out 3 weeks pregnant ultrasound at to learn more about pregnancy ultrasounds.

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