Health Issues from Mold Exposure

Mold has been around ever since the world came into existence. It’s a part of nature and there are thousands of different types of mold. Luckily for us as humans, there are only a few that are toxic to us and can do us harm. There are more that can affect other animals, but as for mold, we have to be aware of what is around us.

Some household mold can be deadly in extreme cases. If you ever find yourself coming down with allergy symptoms outside of a normal season change or a dusty room, you might need to pick up a mold testing kit.

There are quite a few different symptoms that you can come down with from mold exposure. DC-911 goes over each symptom, including allergies, fatigue, and chronic headache. There are more, of course, but those are the most prominent ones. Mold should be removed as quickly as possible since there are some molds worse than others.

Black mold is a type of mold that produces mycotoxins, which can cause a lot more than just fatigue and allergy symptoms! This mold is so bad that it can leave you with permanent sensitivities to any type of mold and more. Never let black mold linger, considering extreme cases of it can lead to death.

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