How Cohen’s Hallelujah Becomes Everybody’s Anthem

cohen“Hallelujah” was the first song on Cohen’s second album “Various Positions”. Cohen stated that he had written over 80 versions within 5 years, but had reduced the number to four verses for the final recording of the track in the studio. There were rumors that Cohen did not have an idea of what this track “Hallelujah” was all about, with its religious symbolism and sensual scenery. This song was released after Cohen has convinced CBS Records manager that it was a pop song. As a matter of fact, “Hallelujah” was not available in the United States until the release of various positions, keep in mind that this album was released by any recording label and not CBS. Even after the release of various positions, this “Hallelujah” did not do well commercially or on the billboards.

Jeff Buckley was the first musician to record Hallelujah, it is after hearing the song that Buckley started singing it in New York East Village Clubs. However, the song did not make any significance in the music industry until 1997, after Jeff Buckley drowned. Check out Mahée Ferlini’s uploads on YouTube to listen to the song. Since then, the song has been recorded by almost 100 musicians and some of the covers have made it big.

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