How to create the best smoothie for breakfast

There is no doubt that having the balanced diet can make us fit and healthy in several ways. You must have also heard that healthy breakfast is also a key to living a good life. With a balanced breakfast, you can stay energetic the entire day. Here we are going to explain that how you can make the smoothie for the healthy breakfast without any problem. We are also going to explain you about the various ingredients that you might need to prepare them. There is no doubt that you must also have a great smoothie maker in your home to prepare this mind-blowing smoothie for your breakfast in the morning.

Details of ingredients for the best smoothie

The first thing that you should keep in your mind is that freshness is the key features of every ingredient that you should maintain in order to get the best result. By having this smoothie you will not feel hungry until the lunchtime. Now you must be wondering about the ingredients that you need to have for this smoothie.

You need to have one cup plain nonfat yogurt. We are recommending the nonfat yogurt here to keep the number of calories low. The next thing that you need to have is one ripe banana and half cup orange juice. In order to give proper flavor to it, you will also need to have at least six frozen strawberries. Now you start mixing all the ingredients in your smoothie maker.

Here we are going to explain about the sequence in which you must start. You can start with the yogurt, banana, juice and then strawberries. Now you can put these ingredients in the smoothie maker and blend them well for the twenty seconds. Make sure that everything is smooth enough to drink. Now you can clean down the sides and blend them again for other fifteen seconds for the best results. This smoothie will give you all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

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