How to Top-Dress Lawns with Compost

You may use it to topdress your yard for thicker if you have gone through the effort of making compost of your own. You can use compost to topdress both new and lawns.
Apply a thin coating — about 1/4inch — of compost as topdressing to help while seeds germinate maintain soil moisture and tender grass seedlings become established. Topdressing is beneficial in arid climates or during nautical or dry spells, in which seeds and the soil dry out within hours. (If a germinated seed dries out, it’s a goner.) You can read more about hydroseeding at hydro mousse reviews.
Lawns may be also rejuvenated by topdressing with compost. Lawns become play compacted from foot traffic, and mowing, which prevents from circulating through the root zone of the turf air, water, and nutrients.
Topdressing is better if the turf is before spreading the compost core aerated. To core aerate a patch of turf, use a foot press which you may find at your local home and garden shop. From an equipment distribution business, rent a machine for lawns that are big or hire a lawn care firm.
You should use compost or compost with particle sizes of less or 3/8inch when topdressing with compost. Compost that is small particles infiltrate involving blades of grass more easily. Take care that is guaranteed free of weed seeds, or you can be sowing a weeding nightmare!
The best time topdress and to aerate your yard is when it’s most. This permits the grass after having holes punched in it to rebound.
If you live in either a cool or “transition” climate and develop one permanent turfgrass (like bluegrass or fescue), the best time to aerate your yard is spring to midsummer. Avoid aerating these grasses during the intense heat, which might stress roots of summer. These kinds of grasses go semi or dormant as weather warms, making recovery following a aeration even though some expansion occurs in early autumn. Early aeration promotes comprehension of autumn and summer rains throughout the soil as it useful for growth. Soil penetration with rain creates a more healthylawn which has a chance of making it through winters unscathed.
You have choices if you reside in a climate which allows lawns. The best time to aerate and topdress is early to midsummer as soon as your warmseason lawn (like Bermuda grass) is actively growing. You also need to apply compost topdressing (without aeration) after overseeding your summer lawn using a coolseason bud (like ryegrass) in the autumn. There is no need to topdress in autumn, if you do not overseed.
Irrigate immediately after topdressing (unless rain does the job for you). Water disperses among the grass blades.

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