Importance Of Fire Hose In Fire Fighting

Jan van der Heyden had one purpose in mind when devised the fire hose in 1672. He only wished to enhance the firefighting capability of fire marshals in his native Amsterdam.

Several centuries later, his invention was used in a few other uses like controlling audience in a demonstration. Jan van der Heyden was an artist and an inventor rather than a firefighter, but he made a significant contribution to modern firefighting by devising this helpful item.If you are looking for buying a fire hose then you can check out the website

His biographers indicated that the flame he witnessed from the old city hall in his native Gorcum made a profound impression on him. With his brother Nicolaes, he made significant alterations to the manual fire engines.

Likewise, he managed to collate valuable information regarding the science of fire that proved helpful when he composed the first fighting guide. Maybe the fire incident he witnessed as a child may have given him the impetus to invent such a great tool.

 This sort of hose is a specialized sort of hose made to transport water to a fire to be able to extinguish it. It may also carry other kinds of retardant like foam to put out a fire.

Apart from being a high pressurized hose, a fire hose is not any different from any other sort of hose whose primary job is to carry fluids from 1 location to another. All hoses have a cylindrical shape for this one.

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