Information about Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin stores are going to be a thing of the past very shortly.  When you walk in to one of the supplement stores you see walls and walls, shelves and shelves of pre-made supplements and vitamins.

You pick one of them up and read the label and none of these tell you what they are supposed to do for you.  The FDA says that the makers of supplements cannot by law tell you what they will do for you.  Vitamin tablets or capsules usually contain additives that aid in the manufacturing process or in how the vitamin pill is accepted by the body. You can get more information about vitamin manufacturing through

They state that when there is a state on the container then it is a medicine rather than a supplementation.  Drugs need to be approved by the FDA while supplements do not.  Just what exactly are we as health mindful visitors to do?  Well, I’ve a remedy.  Best natural supplements, that is every companies assert.  Well this is of coarse extremely hard because the overall average for excellent results from pre-made, “one size will fit all” supplements is just about 33 percent of users.

Two thirds of the individuals who take supplements don’t get the required results or even close.  SO now I’ve some interesting reports for your homework and account.  Best natural supplements are right down to one.


Imagine if I advised you that the times of shopping for pre-made supplements are over?  Imagine if I advised you that now you can have your supplements made designed for your own private needs?  Imagine if I advised you that you can know that the levels of each ingredient is strictly the amount your system needs for your very best health future?   Imagine if I advised you that you can also know where your advantages and weaknesses are in the fitness of your body?

All this is now possible.  The science on the market through several scientist learning genetics and the individual genome have made some outstanding breakthroughs and discoveries.  It really is now scientifically easy for an individual to get the flaws and flaws in their DNA through a straightforward evaluation where they swirl a natural cotton swab on the internal cheek and send it to the laboratory.

They then can actually go in to your genetic code and pull specific genes that have been found to be responsible for health and well being and find their strengths and weaknesses.  Through the past 14 years of research they have found which ingredients supplement or support those areas that need it.  This is also how they can determine the amount of each ingredient.  The ingredients are made of concentrated living and whole foods.  Like they say, “if it wasn’t a food 100 years ago it probably is not a good food to eat today”.  So it might be worth you while to research this for yourself.

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