Landscaping Ideas for Condominiums


If you’re a condo owner, planting plants and vegetables may force you to miss a yard. Whether have a small or large space, there are ways to maximize the space depending on your condominium area. These are few ideas on landscaping your yard.

1. Potted Plants – Adding potted plants are one of the simplest ways to any landscape. Based on your condominium area, choose colors like yellow, orange or red that matches the space. The color green helps to bring the natural beauty of your condo garden. Potted plants are small and they are relatively easy to change depending on the season. You can also add plants in hanging baskets that goes well with the floor and space of your patio.

2. Vegetables – A large space is usually required to grow vegetables. But there are vegetables that shouldn’t stop you from growing your favorite one. Eggplant, tomatoes and peppers are a few vegetables you can grow even if the space is small. However, avoid planting plants that grows on vine due to them being invasive.

3. Trees – It isn’t necessary to use large trees in your garden. Dwarf trees uses less space and helps your space look attractive. Before adding a tree, it is important to use large containers for plants to hold. Dwarf trees like crape myrtles grow beautiful flowers and they can be trimmed each year to control their height. While dwarf Poinciana tree grows bright flowers in orange and red and provides a focal point to the landscape.

Landscaping in Sydney’s West side areas is suitable for landscaping.

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