Most Visited Places in Pattaya

This hotel city attracts over five million people to its shores each year. The major action is focused across the Pattaya beach but outside of the shore, there are lots of attractions which you could visit and research.

Listed below are only a number of these.


This high tech entertainment complex is distinctively Thai and includes the Thai Extravaganza Show with laser and laser light effects. The series is comprises famous historical events, elephant battles, and Thai dance.

There’s also a Thai restaurant inside the complex which functions dinner prior to the show. Visitors may also search for local goods in the shopping here Bangkok Day Tour to see more.

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The Pattaya Elephant Village is a non-profit sanctuary that was set up to rescue former working elephants. The village provides a 90-minutes series to raise funds the functioning of this sanctuary. While there, you could also witness elephant-training practices.

Sri Racha County is a tiger zoo situated north of Pattaya City. You’re able to hold, feed and take photos with baby tigers. In any case, you could also feed and pet camels and watch elephants, deer, donkey and notably the tiger cubs. A crocodile show can be held here.

Found in Pattaya

Tourism is a booming business and lots of the people come here for an elongated holiday. When there are many resorts available, personal Pattaya villas are in fantastic demand by individuals traveling together with their own families or friends and are wanting to enjoy a piece of tropical lifestyle far from the crowds.

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