Two Recipes That Will Change Your Life

Cooking with marijuana has become a hit, since numerous states decided to legalize marijuana for recreational and medical use. The edibles, or the foods infused with marijuana are now being prepared and consumed on a regular basis, as all the ingredients needed can be found here . The first thing you need to make are the legendary Brownies, perhaps the most popular form of cannabis edible that has been immensely popular in the American culture.

The first thing you need to know, before you get on with any kind of cannabis cooking, is that the active ingredient in marijuana, THC is NOT soluble in water, so if you just throw the buds in your mixture, you won’t accomplish anything. The buds need to be mixed with some kind of fat, like oil or butter, as THC dissolves in fat. So if you want to get the benefits of THC, infuse your canola or olive oil with the marijuana buds, or make some cannabis butter. Now that you have your oil or butter, simply add it to your favorite brownie mix, and enjoy your special brownies! The two recipes, one with oil, one with butter, can be made by everyone, and no prior cannabis cooking experience is required!