Social Media Monitoring – A Valuable Method of Protecting an Organization’s Online Reputation

Clients have a voice like never before because of the dawn of social networking. The voice of the client is gaining power and with a bigger impact on businesses — up until today, a disgruntled customer would discuss their expertise with five to ten other people; now, that same individual can discuss their dissatisfaction with tens of thousands of individuals in a couple of seconds.

Social Media Monitoring - A Valuable Method of Protecting an Organization's Online Reputation

I did so when looking for a dentist. The very first results from this search turned up customer testimonials, not the business site. The reviews were great, but imagine if they weren't so positive? A customer could be interested in the opinions and if it's not too favorable, they're shy away from using the firm according to what they watched, without ever reaching the organization's site. In a nutshell, if you are unaware of what's being said about your organization or brand, then you might be losing potential clients without recognizing it.

Another instance of the power of social websites stems from a report from September where United Airlines' stock dropped dramatically because of an error in republishing an older post citing United filed for bankruptcy. The "terrible news", however years old, spread like wildfire across the World Wide Web, temporarily causing the airline's stocks to plummet.

As social media monitoring takes off and becomes even more prominent, it'll be vital for companies to tap into this kind of consumer opinions and watch for possible problems that may damage their standing. Social networking observation acts as a remedy for this challenge.

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