Tips for Wearing a Beach Cover-Up

Courtesy: YouLookFab

Beach cover ups come in handy especially if you like wandering around after your swim. You can wear a cover up for hitting the beachside restaurant or market. It adds some sophistication while keeping up the heat level.

You can choose from an array of cover ups depending on your figure and preferences. You can also skip it completely if you feel like. Here are some tips for wearing a beach cover up:

  • The full cover ups

If you are shy or don’t like showing too much skin even on the beach side then the full cover ups are an excellent choice. These include shirt dresses, sarongs, caftans, flowing maxi dresses and even rompers. Again depending on your choice, picking out either is fine. You can even style the sarongs in different ways.

  • Tops AKA cover ups

These are our favorite type of cover ups as you can find them in every wardrobe. Any kind oftunics, form fitted shirt, poncho and loose jackets work just fine as a cover up. They look casual yet chic, and on top of everything you don’t have to go to the market and buy a new one.

  • Working with the bottoms

Again, nothing too fancy, these bottoms can be found in your wardrobe. Some easy options include loose pants, wraps and shorts. You can wear these on top of your panties and kill the beach cover up look. While going for a dip, simply remove the bottoms and swim away.

Several Australian swimwear brands have a wide collection of beach cover ups starting from sarongs to flowing dresses and kaftans.

Benefits of using Nylon for making swimwear


Swimming suites come in all shapes and sizes, for all body types. Vibrant colors brighten up the pool or the beach; polyester or nylon plays a vital role in manufacturing swimwear. These fabrics are easy to maintain and are wrinkle free, thus one can be completely carefree while they are in the water.

Swimwear online in Australia allows you to shop swimming suites online, but you can also purchase them from any sportswear stores as well, according to your physique. Benefits for using nylon for making swimwear are:

1. It is Lightweight:

Nylon is extremely lightweight material, which is optimum for swimmers as they don’t need excessive weight on them while pulling a length.

2. Low water absorbency:

It is easier to maintain, is shrink resistant in the water and has low water absorbency, making it the most suitable option for manufacturing swimwear.

3. Soft, stretch and wrinkle resistant:

Nylon is extremely easy to maintain. It holds the shape of your body; is stretch resistant and wrinkle free. Its soft texture aids you in swimming, doesn’t hold you back or irritates you in any way while you are diving or pulling a length underwater.

4. Cheaper in price:

Nylon is the cheapest material for manufacturing swimwear. Nylon swimsuits can easily be found at any swimwear or sportswear shops and are cheaper in price than other swimwear materials, such as polyester.

Nylon has proved to be a very popular swimwear material amongst swimmers, as it is easier to maintain and one can feel completely at ease while wearing nylon swimsuit.