The Stigma of an Arrest Record

An arrest record is a legal record of a person kept by judicial and law enforcement agencies. It does not automatically denote a person has a criminal history or have had criminal intentions. It is categorized into three distinct cases.

First, a person may have been arrested, and an ongoing adjudication is taking place. The arrestee is maybe pleading for a bargain or possible bail. This is called arrest and pending. 

Second, a person may have been arrested but he/she had been acquitted, or the case had been dismissed. He/She was not convicted of the crime filed against him/her. This is called arrest with non-conviction.

Third, a person may have been arrested, and he/she had been convicted of the crime filed against him/her. He/She was arrested with the conviction of the crime filed against him/he. The court might have incarcerated and penalized him/her accordingly. This is called arrest with conviction.

On all three categories depicted above, the arrest record for him/her is perpetually kept in court for reference. This is irreversible and cannot be undone in any way. When a person gets back to civilian life as a free man or woman, he/she soon finds out that integration is a difficulty.

In the United States alone, any person with arrest history must register accordingly. This is part of the judicial and law enforcement policies to ensure that offenders and misdemeanors were accounted for. They guarantee proper monitoring and supervision. The daily interaction within the neighborhood will be a challenge if a person is tagged as an offender. The person will somehow feel different and inferior. 

With this hardship, finding jobs is even more difficult and impossible. It is mandatory for the applicants to disclose his/her moral or criminal history. The employers conduct a more intensive background check before hiring them. This jeopardizes the chance of any person with an arrest record for landing a decent job. Even non-convicted persons with arrest record suffer the same fate. This is the stigma that arrested individuals will suffer.