Top 3 World War I Battlefields To Visit In Belgium

In 1918, World War I came to a close because of negotiations which were eventually made.We read and watch documentaries about pre- and post war, however it is not the same as visiting the battle fields, and experiencing it yourself.There are a number of warzones in Belgium which must be visited,at least once in a lifetime.


  • The Battlefields of the Ypres Salient

This battlefield is a must if you are in Belgium, Western front tours 2018. There are many spots to see in the Ypres Salient where remnants of the combat are prominent. These comprise of ditches, pits and dugouts. Afterbattles with the Germans, French and British soldiers during the Ypres Salient battle, several people died and their graves are present in the army graveyard in the old Ypres Salient battlefields.

  • Waterloo Battlefield

Waterloo Battlefield is situated 30 kilometers in the South of Brussels.The Battle of Waterloo took place in 1815, which was one of the major and blood-spattered wars by Europe’s before the 20th century. One of the utmostwell-knownwar in British military history, took place in Waterloo Battlefield, therefore it is a necessity for someone who issightseeing the war zones of Belgium.

  • The Battle of Mons

The Battle of Mons in the course of the First World War was the main war fought among the British and Germans in 1914.Mons War Museum consists of astonishing displays, such as timeworn images from the past, literatures and recordings that take you back in the past.

These are some of the battlefields you must visit in Belgium, if you love history or even if you have the love for exploration!