Three Best Places To be Visited In South America If You Are A Water Lover

If you’re the type of traveler who loves spending time splashing in the water, you should consider a vacation in South America.Although beach destinations and cruises typically spring to mind for people who feel more comfortable in the water than on land, South America provides numerous water oriented trips.

Here are 3 places in South America where water plays a prominent part.

  • Though you won’t need to jump in the water in Patagonia, the arctic blue fjords are stoically beautiful and frequently used for transportation. An even bigger water attraction is the icebergs and glaciers found in the region.

You can view this glacier from land or by a Patagonia cruise. Adventurous travelers can even decide to trek across it. If you are a travel lovingĀ person then plan your next vacation onĀ

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  • The Amazon. The Amazon has the largest drainage basin in the world and the Amazon River carries one-fifth of the planet’s fresh river water.

That’s a lot of water. But that doesn’t mean you should skip the Amazon during the rainy season (which lasts from December through March).

  • The Galapagos. The Galapagos Islands have located six hundred miles away from the coast of Ecuador. The archipelago’s isolated place caused the development of animal species found nowhere else on the planet.

Because each island offers the opportunity to see unique animals and landscapes, many people choose to travel the Galapagos Islands via a Galapagos cruise.

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