Water Fuel System Technology – Boost Your Gas Mileage!

Thousands of dollars savings on fuel costs. Gas prices don’t appear to be going down anytime in the future and as worldwide demand for oil continues to raise the cost to drive will only get more expensive.

Water is not the fuel, it’s not the source of energy. Electricity from your local power plant is your source of power. If you want to know more about 12 Valve Cummins Performance Parts | Puredieselpower.com then click right here.

Electrolyzing water and then trimming off the result gets you round the easy issue that power itself does not burn.

The solution is yes! However, there’s a little caveat: 100% water automobiles will require likely tens of decades to be generated on a big scale. The presently available way is still using petrol or gas water fuel process is a nutritional supplement to gas or diesel fuel which raises mileage tremendously.

When used in welding torches, water is electrolyzed to the gas and this is the principal source of energy. When water fuel process is used within a vehicle, it supplements the fossil fuels but is a secondary form of electricity.

Saving cash is not a concern since it’s a given. Studies demonstrate that utilization of water glucose system conserves mileage. This is due to the fact that the existence of hydrogen in a gas blend makes the auto engine use less gasoline.

In summary, water fuel system technologies do work and can save 40 percent or more in gas prices while significantly boosting your vehicles gas mileage. The technology is very simple to set up and won’t negatively impact your engine does it void your guarantee.

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