What is the quantitative analysis on the current structure of Indian paintings?

Knowledge of Indian paintings is seriously limited to a lot less people than what it should have been. With a lot of people understanding that there is a certain sense of knowledge about Indian paintings, it goes to show a whole lot of exposure related features that can be found in the contemporary Indian paintings of today. However, when painters like Amit Ambalal bring some sort of Renaissance to the overall idea of quality paintings, it definitely takes on the essence of a firestorm.

Nowadays, glorious silk screen paintings from Amit Ambalal can be found in most of the Indian galleries. This is not abandoning only to the Indian audience, but to let them know that there are a lot of high quality Indian painters that are out there. All that they need is the correct amount of exposure and they would be well on their way to making a name for themselves in the global scenario. With that coming in favor, you would find a lot of people thinking about this particular carrier choice of there is an bringing about a lot of change in how they would like to witness the very best of Indian paintings in its ultimate grandeur.

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